“Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

So for the last year or so I’ve wanted to join a gym. Although I have a skinny physique, I am extremely unfit, and as I only like the outdoors in the Summer which only lasts around 2 weeks in the ever so glorious UK, I believe an indoor workout is definitely more for me.

Even though I’ve wanted to do so for the last year, I am still yet to join or even visit any gym whatsoever. To be honest, until recently it was an unrealistic idea with having to pay a monthly fee and not having much spare time, however, now I am in a different posistion where I’ve managed my workload to a point that I can look at starting a hobby as well as afford one.

But still, I’m yet to go to the gym.

I’ve looked at different fitness classes, different memberships, different companies etc and even though a few look appealing, I’ve taken no action and to be honest, I’m scared.

Before even booking an induction, I’m thinking about walking into that gym for the first time and getting turned away. I’m already thinking about everything that could go wrong. I’m fearing the judgey glances of those people who are basically gym gods, and what the staff members may be thinking about me. I’m worrying about looking like an idiot because of how unfit I am, and people wondering why a girl like me is at the gym.

I keep telling myself I’m being stupid, I can’t ever build myself into a better person and the person I want to be if I don’t ignore all of these irrational insecurities that are going through my head, but it’s hard. The thought of entering a new environment alone absolutely petrifies me, especially when attention could easily be drawn to me for being the newbie. But I have to do this at some point, and I bet that when I decide to take the plunge and walk through those gym doors, yes I’ll be anxious and timid and frightened, but I’ll be so proud of myself as well for taking that step.



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