Peculiar Actions

Every individual is unique because of their personality. Personality is formed by the things that influence you; the people you’re surrounded by, interests, things you’ve learnt, opinions you’ve heard… the list goes on and on. But for me, the things that really make somebody unique are often the little “quirks” that make them weird, or strange, or different, and they are usually some of the best things about a person.

Some people will like your quirks, and some people will hate them. Some may judge you on them and others may try out your little habits and take something from it. They are what make you, you, and if you’re happy with yourself and don’t mind these little “quirks,” you’re in a good place.

Some of my “quirks” that I have identified are in some way or another a coping mechanism. They have been compared to the actions of a person with OCD by a colleague in work, whereas others are just simply me, and have been given the nickname “sophieisms” by my parents. None of my “quirks” negatively impact my life. They are not a huge burden, and often are what put my mind at rest. But it needs to be remembered that for some people, these “quirks” are over compulsive disorder behaviours, and can put a strain on an individual’s quality of life.

My main reasoning for writing this post was not to make a point for once but to write a bit about me. Write a bit about my personality and about some of my annoying little habits that, although are sometimes embarrassing when people notice or point out, make me the person I am.

1. I can’t keep still. When I’m sat down and I’m not doing anything, I’ll be tapping my feet or a surface with my hands. If I’m stood up, I’ll usually pace up and down the room, or tap my foot as if I’m listening to music and moving to the beat.

2. My hands must be kept busy. Whether it’s doodling little flowers, spinning a pen in between my fingers, or playing with a piece of paper, my hands will never relax.

3. Once I’ve opened the front door to leave the house, I run back in and upstairs to check that my phone charger, straighteners and the iron are all unplugged and switched off at the wall. Sometimes I’ll check it and when I get to the bottom of the stairs, I’ll run back up again to check just in case I didn’t look properly.

4. The TV, radio, my phone etc can only be left on certain volume numbers. Luckily now my car’s volume colours in a bar, it only leaves my phone and TV. The numbers have to either be even or a multiple of 5. The only exceptions being; 1, 3, 9, and 13.

5. I clean my ears with an ear bud at least twice a week, whether they are dirty or not.

6. When I have a really crappy day, I buy a packet of cigarettes but don’t smoke them. They’ll usually live in my glove box for a few weeks before I give them away to a friend who does smoke.

7. I’ll have one sentence conversations that nobody else seems to get. I’ll ask somebody one thing and after hearing their response, I’ll start talking about a completely new topic which people often find hard to follow.

8. I forget to breathe when speaking. If I have a lot to say or need to explain something long, I automatically speak faster, and by the time I’ve finished, I feel like I’ve just completed a workout.

9. I like things to be symmetrical. If I’m tidying the tills in work after they’ve been shut down, I move everything like the counters, marker pens, score cards, leaflets etc so the tills are mirror images of each other. I like things to be in straight lines and equal distances as much as I can.

10. Everytime I leave a family member, (even if I’m just going out for a meal) regardless of if we’ve been arguing or I’m mad at them, I’ll always say “love you” before leaving because I have an irrational fear about what my last words are to someone.



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