Positive Actions

Looking back at where I was a year ago today makes me realise, although 2016 hasn’t been a particularly special year, it’s been a good one.

A year ago today I was tired. I enjoyed opening my presents, eating my dinner and spending time with my family, but I wasn’t really there. I zoned in and out all day where my mind was in other places, which robbed me of fully enjoying the festivities. The only way I can describe these moments of zoning out is if you imagine yourself staring at a white wall. It’s not a special wall, and it’s not a metaphor or a piece of art, it’s just a blank wall with no meaning.¬†Because of this, the only thing you can think about is your emotions and dwell on whether you are content/happy/sad/angry etc.

This year, however, I’m enjoying the “in between festivities” such as helping lay the table, playing with my dog and his new toy, watching Christmas films and all the other little bits. The progress made in the last few months by changing my mindset is surreal, but I’m all the more happier for it.

So with this piece of positivity, I’m going to end it with some of the things I’m grateful for and good things that have made 2016 a good year.

Even though I’ve lost some friends, I’ve grown closer to the ones I’ve kept and made some new ones that are possibly some of the best people you’ll ever meet- one of which bought me possibly the most personal and thoughtful gift I’ve ever received.


I’ve got a job where I’m appreciated, have made a small community of friends I can surround myself with, and have been given the opportunity to progress into a career with the company.

I have successfully identified and understand what was happening with me and have been working on it with positive results.

I’m happy.

My friends and family are happy and healthy.

Even though I haven’t got a solid plan to go to uni, I feel safe and comfortable with my future and that there are routes available to me.

I got a B in A-level geography and am going to finish my BTEC courses with distinctions next year.

I’ve begun saving for my future which I am quite proud of.

I’ve identified some of my weaknesses and have begun to improve on them.

I’m beginning to make my own decisions for my happiness and wellbeing rather than making them on what people think I should do or should say.


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