Rants of Society

This post is all in my opinion. To be honest I have only covered a fraction of what I wanted to say but I’ll be here all night if I carry on. If you cannot respect opinions different to your own please do not carry on reading like I said, this post is just my opinion, and as I respect that everyone forms their own opinion, please respect that this is mine.


I’ve recently recognised and been considering the challenges in gender equality, even though I believe I’ve never had to personally deal with them. Men, and women, and transgender, and whatever gender type they recognise themselves as will have their own battles to deal with when it comes to judgement from society. Similarly, to the people who come from a minority race, follow a “different” religion or are just classed as “not the norm.” Personally, I’ve never used the term “feminist” to describe myself. Not because I’m not one, but because I think it only covers one of many problems we face.

Feminism- “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”

This is the movement of making women equal to men, not suggesting they are the stronger sex, but equal. Other genders are not taken into account when using the term “feminism.” Whether you are trans, female, or male, we should all be equal, so what’s the term for somebody who believes and fights for equality for all genders and sexes? If there is one I’ve never heard it, which I think is quite a sad thing.

There needs to be another term. A term that doesn’t only cover gender, but race, and religion and any protected characteristic a person has. A term that just stands for equality for humans. All humans. Who are we to decide who is the better person and who should get privileges over others? Who are we to group people together because they hold specific characteristics? Who are we to make a decision and change the way we treat people because they are different?

As we develop as a World, you think these problems are getting “fixed.” In our developed nations we see less tolerance for any type of discrimination, and with laws and legislation like the Equality Act 2010 that summarises numerous discrimination laws in one, it makes it difficult to justify any abuse and mistreating based on a protected characteristic.

This does not change the fact that discrimination still occurs and that people still have fucked up opinions on how people should be, how they should look, and what they should believe in. Usually, it just means that these hateful opinions are cowardly put forward anonymously or are just being hidden as it’s not thought as being unacceptable by society. However, following BREXIT hate crime rose. Racism is still a thing, and it seems to be showing itself more and more. In my opinion, which I understand some people will disagree with, if the public are hearing are so-called leaders voicing hateful attitudes (such as Trump,) or we are perceiving their actions as acts against a particular race (such as the decision GB came to regarding the refugee crisis,) those who are racist are happy to become more verbal about it. They are coming out of the shadows and voicing what they think is right and what they think is wrong. In no way do I think our government was being racist with their stand on the refugee crisis, they had such a difficult decision and had to weigh up numerous factors, I wouldn’t have liked to be in their shoes. But in reality, a lot of people who think only the British should matter to the British Government, have a lot of strong opinions that can sometimes be hurtful and be racist. Nobody is born to think hateful things, to be racist, to judge people based on protected characteristics, but people are taught to have these opinions and influenced by the people bringing them up, or educating them, or who they see on their TV or computer screens.

**disclaimer before I carry on- I am not pretending that my opinion is the best opinion and based on all facts. I do not look at all the figures and every fact about the elections or BREXIT or hate crime numbers, but base my opinion on what I see from the news. Personally, in most campaigns, I can see the positives from both sides, so instead of looking at them, I look to see which campaign I believe has the negative I think will have the largest impact and largest consequence. Then I’ll follow the opposite campaign. I’m sure Trump had some good points in his campaign, but what things I have heard in the news about him I class as a “fatal flaw,” which is why I feel so strongly about him not taking on the role of president. I don’t believe you can allow a man like that the power that could destroy our world.

Racism is in no way ok.

I am not an American. I do not have a say in your election. But it baffles me that people even consider Trump a candidate. How can you as a nation, justify voting for a racist pig who wants to ban all Muslims, the biggest religion in the World, from the United States. How can you as a nation, justify voting for a man who belittles the female gender? How can you as a nation, justify voting for an idiot who wants to take us back into the past, when black people got spat at in the street and woman were seen as the subordinate housewives like a mere possession?

This world is beginning to unwind. We may make advances in our technology and knowledge daily, but we are failing on the basic needs of our people. The basic needs of the human race. We are failing to support our people on stereotypical things. If you do not fit “the look,” you’re at a disadvantage. The thing is, we are all different. Nobody fits the look. We all have something about us the world would change or believe in something that doesn’t fit the pretty picture painted. Our advances bring advances in weapons and military. The level of destruction we could create could destroy a planet. If we are not careful I can see it being ours. If we are losing the humanity to sink back into the ways we practised a century ago, where your skin colour determines your place in society, where your gender can put a halt to how successful you can become, and your sexuality can make you the scum of the earth, what’s to say these weapons won’t be used on each other to start another World War?

Where is our Humanity?


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