The Power of Writing

This post has been inspired by another blogger who commented on a previous post.

Even though I got an A in my English GCSE, it was never my strong point. I never considered pursuing it and only did it because I had to. I always concentrated on Maths and Sciences because that’s what our family is, a maths and science family.

English never stood out to me. I always hated reading, and even as a little kid, hated having to learn my weekly spellings. I’ve read Harry Potter 5 times, giving up on either the first, second or third book in an attempt to read the series. I still, to this day, have never made it past page 63 of the third book, which is still bent over ready for me to carry on. I guess I was lucky. I was just good at the subject and never really had to try. Although, at GCSE, I did find a love in John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men.” I also actually felt like it was a place where I could express my opinions on pieces of literature and get marked for it, rather than get marked on black and white answers. At first, I found this a hard concept, not because I didn’t have my own opinions, but I was used to there being a right or wrong answer. But in a way, I did quite like English I guess, I liked being able to talk about what I thought.

Writing short stories, making a speech, producing persuasive texts with techniques like onomatopoeia and tripling never seemed that exciting when I had to do it, but now, writing this blog, I’ve found a real love for the subject. I find it mind boggling that words on a piece of paper, or a computer screen can make you feel so many emotions just with the careful use of the language included, and the meticulous placing of various punctuation. Since completing my GCSEs, listening to my dad read over his work emails infuriated me as I wanted to alter it to make it flow better and change it so the grammar made you read the text in a different tone. Writing a blog is different, though. Sometimes I feel quite down writing these posts because of the content, but once I’ve completed them and read the piece of work I’ve created, it lifts up not only me but my mood, it makes me feel proud like I’ve accomplished something and been productive, which usually also stimulates me to carry this on and get on with some school work or another blog post.

“The healing power of writing.” – Born In Providence.


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