(Sorry this post is a bit more lengthy)

After the Christmas holidays, I started looking for jobs hoping that the tiredness was boredom. My first job in a shoe store was absolutely dire.. but at least it kept me busy.

So with this in mind, I started applying, and within a week I had an interview!! AMAZING!!

And guess what! I bagged myself a job?! I was now a lane and party host at the local bowling alley.. bubbly energetic and fun, I could do that, right? That’s the girl I used to be so why wouldn’t I be able to be that person again?

The people who worked there were absolutely amazing, they were my type of people and believe it or not I actually really enjoyed my job and felt truly happy for the first time in what felt like an eternity.. but it didn’t take long before that place started to get me down.

I blamed it on it being a dark environment and the fact that the company was being taken over by a stricter organisation, but in reality, I was just sinking back into my old ways as the new job became routine and feeling “tired” again became more and more frequent.

Also, within the few months of starting work again, I also managed to crash or hit my car in some sort of way three times. Thank you, Mum and Dad, for picking up the bill :’)

This “tiredness” returning just in time for my final three exams wasn’t the best, but I managed to pull myself together somehow two weeks before they started. I actually didn’t do anything myself… it was just luck I woke up the one morning feeling like I could actually get up out of bed and could do something productive with my time.

I soon realised I wasn’t really that tired. In fact, I just felt down. Not knowing what the cause was, I started applying for new jobs once my exams were over and made an appointment with the doctor. AGAIN.

This time, the wait for an appointment was even longer. THREE WEEKS! Three weeks it took before I could even be seen. And in that three weeks, I was offered three interviews and yeah, you guessed it, I got a new job! 🙂

So in these three weeks I had;

-stressful BTEC deadlines to make so I could go onto year thirteen

-my leavers day in school where my large friendship group was going to shrink down to five

-my summer ball which I didn’t have an outfit for until the day before

-my interview

-faced my manager and handed in my notice

-worked my notice period

-started my new job

-and taken a trip to Bristol Zoo with my volunteer group.

Now, onto the dreaded doctor’s appointment…

This time, I was brave.. and I decided to go down to the doctors on my own. Ha, how much did I regret that afterwards.

So I walked into the appointment, fully intending on talking about my pill and what effects it had on moods, but instead, I just sat down in front of the doctor and began to cry.


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