‘Tis the season

“Sounds like Glandular Fever to me but we’ll send you for blood tests to confirm.”

Brilliant. Needles and glandular fever, how wonderful I thought.

I’m sure if you have had to visit a doctor’s surgery in recent years, you’ll know you can be waiting weeks and weeks for an appointment, especially if it’s winter and all the elderly people think a cold is going to kill them off. But anyway, another week or so and then it was finally time for my blood test. And yes, I cried.

Afterwards thinking no more of it, I went about life in the routine I had sunk into. Going to school for a lesson or two, coming home for a nap, eat my tea, sleep, and repeat. Before I knew it a week had passed. It’s funny how fast time goes when you sleep for 14 hours a day.

Still waiting for a phone call, I decided to visit the doctors on my way to school one morning to see whether my results had come back or not.

“All clear.”

That’s all the receptionist said to me. I guess that’s all she could say, she wasn’t a doctor or a nurse, but that “all clear” didn’t answer my question, why was I always tired?

Following this I made another appointment, bearing in mind time was still ticking and Christmas was getting closer and closer. With my mother by my side, I went to the appointment and was giving some bullshit excuse about low Bilirubin levels, which guess what? Effect nothing. At the time I didn’t know this of course and just accepted that was the way it was and just tried fighting the tiredness.

This led to a few more tired months up until around February. So yes, that meant the family holiday at the start of December, and the Christmas Holiday’s I intended on doing lot’s of school work in, spending time with the family, and having fun with my friends were all tainted because of my need for napping.



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