I created this blog more for myself than anybody else. It might be a place where I will vent my feelings, or it could be the place that I write all my stories, I don’t know myself yet what it will become. I’ve never known what decisions to make, whether they are large ones like deciding if I should go to university or not or small ones like whether I want marmite on my toast.

This blog started with being loosely centered around mental health as well as the rest of my life. I chose the term loosely because at that time and still now, I didn’t understand what it was and what was going on inside my head, all I knew was that, for some reason, writing these blog posts helped me leave any negative feelings from what has already happened behind.

Now this blog feels like somewhere to document the big things occurring in my life and any feelings and opinions I want to be heard. Sometimes, they aren’t anything to do with anxiety or feeling low, and that’s ok. Now I know what this blog is about, it’s where I can write down the things that have mattered to me.

Let’s go back to the start…